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Defining Addiction

Defining Addiction Addictions, whether to substances such as alcohol or heroin, or to behaviours such as gambling or gaming, are a major area of vulnerability for human beings. They are therefore presumably a major area of vulnerability for autistic people, though you wouldn’t think so from the tiny amount of attention that has been focused on the question of autism and addiction to date, by researchers and clinicians. I’ll come back to this issue, and the likely areas of vulnerability specific to autistic people, in a later blog post. In the meantime (and prompting this blog post), I’ll be contributing to an AUsome Training webinar on Autism & Addiction this Thursday 1 st July: For now, I’ll just revisit some more general thoughts about the phenomenon of addiction. Addiction has always been a controversial subject - even trying to define it has given rise to a lot of discussion and argument over the years. The