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Expanding our Language in Relation to Autistic “Special Interests”

The client's SPINs are IMPORTANT to the client. This cannot be overstated. SPINs are the vehicle by which the client can engage in meditation and healing. Allistics (people who are not autistic) tend to see SPINs as obsessions and think of them as an unhealthy focus, but this is what brings us joy. A lot of autistic trauma comes from allistics telling us that our interests don't matter. But, to an autistic person, our SPINs are an inseparable part of our identity. We ARE what we love. To accept us is to accept our SPINs. An allistic may not understand an autistic’s SPINs, but the allistic MUST accept them and be enthusiastic in learning about them. That enthusiasm helps us bond socially in an autistic way, and that is a big part of autistic interpersonal therapy.   I think it would be hard to improve on Matt Lowry’s description above of the vital importance of “Special Interests” or “SPINs” in the life of an autistic person (and