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Human Drives/Instincts – Neurotypical & Autistic

  Over 10 years ago I wrote a blog post for my blog Psychotherapeutic Naturalism, “Trial & Themes -What Makes humans Tick? (Click here for original post: )   In that blog post I wrote: Evolutionary psychology sees human life, like that of any organism, as consisting of strategic attempts to maximise our success along various key axes, such as mating, care-giving, satisfying appetites etc. Along these axes, humans face a variety of unavoidable Life Challenges… There is no definitive list of these motivational axes, but I have put together a list for myself for practical use in the therapy context, which probably covers the main areas. The terms Instincts, Drives, Domains are often used in this context - I find it useful to call these species-specific major themes in human life “THEMAs” (Typically Human Evolved Motivational Axes)… They define what is important to us as members